Monday, June 28, 2010

So My Camera is Broken

So today has always been geared up for me to get back to my BLOG. I have lots of lovely pictures to share and I'm so excited to finally have time to get back to Blogland. I have done all the right things Playgroup Tick, 2 year old in bed Tick, Dinner organised Tick, Washing on Tick, Coffee Drunk Tick. Ok down to it.

Plug in camera. Blimp. Nothing. Plug in camera. Blimp Nothing. Change battery. Blimp Nothing. Fiddle manically with cord, plug, switches. Blimp NOTHING!!!!! ARRRRRRRH. I can see all the pictures on the camera but they just don't want to transfer over to the Mac. Why Not. There's the cute crochet raspberry hat . There's the cute light pink crochet hat with flowers. There's all my lovely yarn I got rather quickly from Eat, Sleep, Knit. Theres the video of my son in the blanket box and my daughters playdough lunch and her first communion cake which looked gorgeous (Thanks Tidz Cafe, Oatley, NSW). Theres my cool Ginormous Granny Square wall hanging ( I do love this its Ace). Theres my NEW Ikea cupboards arranged wonderfully with all my fabric, Yarn and crafty stuff.

I just have so much to put up and share and it won't let me. I really do dislike it when my technology lets me down. These days its all about being reliant on something or other, the internet, the automatic car key, the house alarm, mobile phones, TVs the list goes on. So what happens when one breaks down it send us in a spin, we like everything to work just right everytime don't we. Ok maybe next time I can share my lovely images, Maybe.

I'm Challenging myself during JULY (really does my life need more pressure);

1. No spend July - I have decided to not spend a cent on extras this month ( with a few exceptions). I will only be buying the bare essentials, that is FOOD and TOILETRIES only. NO clothes, shoes, WINE, COFFEE, DVDs, toys, kids treats AND NO YARN. If I have a present to give I will make it with what I have in my stash. The exceptions are; A Netball clinic for Layla in the holidays, 1 Movie visit for kids in Holidays, 1 kids club for Myles and a train ride to the city. Thats it!!!

2. DRY July - So during this month of NO spendng I will also NOT be drinking at all. (HELP its school holidays). Myself and my husband have decided to have a DRY JULY, why the heavens not??

OK so wish me luck. Don't know how I will go but need to challenge myself! Will let you know how I'm progressing, bet I get loads of crochet done!

Until next time (-:

Sharing some pics of the items I made for our School Mothers Day stall.