Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Conquering Crochet week 1

Last week I finally picked up crochet and ran with it, after many attempts to learn by many different people. My beautiful and patient friend Laura showed got me started in the easiest way by teaching me to do a treble crochet with a rather large crochet hook (6mm) and 8ply yarn (maybe could be a little larger size but hey, thats all I had with me at the time and its working). I started off crocheting a scarf just to get me started and to practice the stitches and get a feel for holding the hook in my hand, but I'm loving it so, so much I have upscaled and am making a blanket/throw for my 2 year old son.

I am using 6 colours and have designed the very simple pattern myself so it just 7 rows per colour then change to whichever colour takes your fancy. So I am up to colour 6 and am liking the look of my work already. Also, not stressing over the wonkiness of it as I will stitch the panels together and want the rustic homemade look. oh yeah and its my first piece!!

I will post pics with my progress.

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