Saturday, March 27, 2010

Conquering Crochet week 2

Wow ever since I started this blog I have been so inspired and cannot help but think of things I want to create and do. Unfortunately having 3 busy kids does somewhat hinder my creative urges, which is why the whole learning to crochet thing has been so wonderful. I have been carrying around my crochet ( in a very daggy shopping bag. Note to self make a FAB crochet bag), with me all week in the hope that I might get a few minutes to do some. Well it has worked as I have now finished one strip and am onto the next. have a look!!

I also have been looking at different websites to learn more and found some very useful videos , there are 7 short videos on the different crochet stitches as well as Illustrated Learn to crochet Instructions so very helpful indeed. Lionbrand also have loads of free patterns for both Crochet & knitting which is not daggy at all but super cool especially the Amigurumi Graduation Owl, which I have bookmarked! It is rated Easy so may attempt that one next????? (Unfortunately, Lionbrand DO NOT post to Australia so can't buy any of there yarns )-:

The other thing I want to do is make some friendship bands for my daughter to give to her friends, one of the Mums at school, who was encouraging me to learn how to crochet last year, made some for our School Twilight Market and the kids loved them. She said they were very simple to do and had beads threaded through them so I'd like to try that. I will have to buy her a coffee one day in exchange for her knowledge. A fair exchange don't you agree!!

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