Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Melbourne Craft Fair and doing the things you love

Some of my Favourite things of late.

Pictures; 1. Hamish & Lawrence, 2 & 3. Tulips at the Botanical Gardens Sydney, 4 & 5. Crochet Baby quilt for Marli, 6. My room in Intercontinental Melbourne 7.Laylas Chocolate Mousse, 8. Outside Meet me at Mikes with Envelope Project in window.

First things first - DRY JULY - I lasted 30 days out of 31 with no alcohol at all (this was the intention we had a do on the 31st). My liver is so happy!
NO SPEND JULY - Umm not so easy especially when you visit a craft fair. Ohh I did buy a bit of stuff about 6.7 kilos to be exact as that is how much my luggage went up at the airport. But I did last until the 23rd July so that was pretty good I think. Plus I have been very good in August so far.

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR DOING THESE LITTLE GOALS I SET. Hmmm will have to think of some harder ones next time.

After the school holidays I decided I needed time out so took off to Melbourne to take in 2 days of crafting at the Craft and Quilt Fair 2010. I took part in many workshops and quite a few craft circles which were so much fun. My favourites were trying my hand a making a nano felted flower, making "Hamish" the Japanese Lucky Owl and an inspiring heat transfer workshop with | Sharyn Hall which included lots of laughing as well as learning.

The little owls have been keeping me busy and it seems everyone wants me to make them one. They are so quick to whip up and really satisfying once finished oh and you get good luck when you give one to someone.

Which brings me to doing the things you love!
Its so easy to get lost in the day to day and feeling like you never seem to get anywhere, well that's how I have been feeling of late. Crafting is about achieving something for yourself, which pleases really no-one else but you. Hey if others like it too then BONUS but really its about nurturing YOUR creative juices and getting that feeling of satisfaction, like wow I'm clever, look what I can do.

Firstly you might like to spend a bit of time at the beginning of the week doing a plan for the projects you have going or want to achieve this week. 5 mins at the beginning of the craft session may work better for you but just set down a guide of your session.

Maybe it could be like this;
Day 1:
Project 1. Cut pattern for skirt, mark up and pin. Sew up side if time
Project 2. Choose Fabric for Cushions and coordinating buttons/Zip. Cut out pattern if time
Project 3. Choose yarn for next crochet project. Gather all equipment together in craft bag ( I have lots of small craft bags I put my crochet projects in then they are portable) and make a start.

You will be so impressed when you actually achieve whats on your list and then some. I find if you don't have a plan then you get sidetracked and start on other things that you shouldn't. I wonder what works for you? Do tell!

Set aside at least 1/2 an hour a day or make it a larger block of time on a day you can get away with it. You will be surprised what you can actually get done if you sit and FOCUS. Even if you just do one day a week get it out and make a start.

Anyway that's all I have in me today I really need to have a lie down now as I have a splitting headache.
So, Until next time


This is a lovely site to look at;
| MakeGoodBooks

Beautiful Japanese books translated into english. Oh I do want this book, I do.

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