Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finding time to Sew.

I have found an awesome site for those who like sewing and like to sew things like really quickly!

Have a look over here at Prudent Baby. The girls here are so fun and inspiring and I have pulled my finger out and just started making stuff and having lots of fun doing it. And guess what I am actually finishing things too, can't believe it!!!

So heres the things I been doing.

1. My version of the "Pillowcase dress" but really big for Layla. Fabric is Rambler Soiree -Party Dress from Sew,Mama,Sew
2. My version of the "Most Flattering Shirt dress" for me. Fabric from my stash. Instead of putting shirring allthe way around I just did 7 lines of it under the bust line, It looks ok I think. Do You?? ( I really am NOT photogenic)

Yipeee, so proud of my efforts.
Kath (-:

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  1. you legend, they both look amazing!