Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pictures from my Stall

My first Stall was a huge success and lots of fun. I met loads of lovely people that gave me all sorts of feedback. My two most favourite customers of the day would have to be 2 little girls I would say about 10 -11 years old who really loved my little Japanese Lucky Owls, but they told me they were going to the Movies later so weren't sure if they would have enough money as they weren't sure how much the movie tickets were. I said I couldn't help them as I never go to the movies but the Japanese Lucky Owls will bring you luck when you give them to someone else. Well that decided them they both bought a baby owl and then turned around and gave them to each other! Love it!!!!!! Girls if you read this you made my day!!! Thanks to all the other lovely lovely people who dropped by especially those lovely mums from St Declans. Also thanks to the company I had on the day, Kathy from Kathys Keepsakes and Jacqueline who does beautiful Jewellery and keyrings, also a huge thanks to Debbie & Milly for coming and helping me out and also to my kids and hubby who were unreal in helping to thread yarn through my tags!