Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crocheting like a demon and Holiday shacks

Ok so have been away for a bit and am now suffering from a head cold, worse luck, but as long as I get a bit of me time each day I think I will manage to get rid of it soon enough!

My little crochet hook has had quite a work out the last few days. Reasons for this;
1. The weather was pretty yuck so was nice to curl up on the daybed with the crochet.
2. We have no electricity at our holiday shack so absolutely no distractions ( beside 3 kids, 1 Hubby and numerous cups of tea)
3. My crochet is portable and I am now able to have a conversation at the same time as I work. Its amazing how many people are really interested in what you're doing and have craft stories they want to share.

During the weekend I found out that I crochet like a knitter ( throw the yarn with my right hand) Is this wrong??? It just feels comfortable like that as I have knitted for so many years. I also really noticed this amazing granny square throw in a dear friends shack that I have sat on many many times but had not really looked at in detail. Her Nan made it years ago (it is a very treasured thing), it is really beautiful so colourful and each square a little bit different (I WANT to do that) She told me how she used to crochet and do tapestry when her 4 kids were babies but just doesn't find the time now ( they are all in there 20's now) Curious I hope I have more time when mine are older. Anyway, the thing that most interested me was that each square was just crocheted to the next using black yarn, so I have decided to do this with my strips but not with the black yarn though.

Right, so I have made three strips so far approx 84 rows long and 20 across (will have to measure this sometime), I think I will need to do about 9 more to get a single bed size but as I will have the crochet in between and around the border will revisit this later.

Just want to share some stuff now.
* If you haven't visited the blog meetmeatmikes you just need to check it out. Pip is so inspiring and motivating she will get you going it worked for me! She has also published a book by the same name which is available on her website too.

* I am a member of Interweave knits but just discovered the sister publication Crochetme there is some handy stuff on this site and best of all a free downloadable Crochet Scarf patterns if you sign up to their enewsletter. I Just can't help myself with freebies. I think I will attempt a scarf next as long as its a bit fancy as I fancy a fancy scarf hee hee hee.

* And here is a little plug for a wonderful publication if you love books, reading and everything along that line. Check out Good Reading Magazine , its got fab book reviews, book club info, interviews with authors, giveaways and lots of fun, lovely stuff.

Ok thats it for now
Until next time
K x x x


  1. Oh YOU! I wish I was at the shack making stuff and drinking tea and eating too many biscuits! I love it that you crochet in your own style. DO THAT. If it works, it's good! Thanks for writing about my book, Kath! xxx

  2. Kath I crochet like a knitter too! It's just so much easier for me.
    Meet you at Brown Owls sometime!

  3. Pip you are absolutely welcome! Katie glad I'm not the only one, I did try to do it the traditional way but felt a bit wonky! Hope to meet you at Brown Owls too! (-:

  4. This is Awesome!!! Love Lozie....x