Friday, April 23, 2010

The Jane Austen Book Club

A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.
Jane Austen

I just love The Jane Austen Book Club movie and have just spent the afternoon watching it again while "Blog Searching", my new obsession, and crocheting tiny red granny squares, my other obsession. It just makes you want to get lost in an Austen Book don't you agree? Last year when I first watched The Jane Austen Book Club I bought Persuasion and devoured it in no time, now I'm itching to read Mansfield Park. Its not just the stories its about the whole Austen feeling. I just want to pile the books up by my bed and look at the covers every night before I go to sleep. Its about taking off to another more romantic period of time! Ahhhh. Sigh.

Now talking about Janes to be inspired by, one of the sweetest Blogs I found this afternoon was Janesapron, it is full of wonderfully inspiring sewing projects and thrify buys (makes you want to run to the nearest St Vinnies to find something divine for next to nothing doesn't it just?) and Janes Apron got a write up in the artful blogging magazine Winter 2009, how wonderful is that. Check out her beautiful blog above and get your STITCH ON!

Until next time.

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