Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My very first Grannys.

Well I am very very excited. I have moved on. I am now a two trick wonder.

Last night I attended my very first Brown Owl meeting at the lovely Thouraya's house (thank you for your hospitality), it was fun and I met up with some new creative souls. The topic was Crochet, which I am now a demon at (lol), and my aim was to master a Granny Square or two. You know its funny, I find it very easy to read a knitting pattern but crochet patterns are just a little beyond me, so I was following some wonderful instructions from purlbee, which did help the second time around, but the first attempt I must have got a little sidetracked and was following someones conversation rather than how many trb I was doing as i made a funny flower thing, instead.
I did however persevere and made two wonderfully, terrific Grannys.
I am now of course hooked (hee hee) and am itching to sit down tonight and make some more. I have joined up with Pips A
Granny a day challenge, not sure how I will go but hey you gotta try sometimes!

My other crochet project is making fine progress and I am nearly half way through my strips for my blanket but am so wanting to start to join it together to see how it will look.

Oh, and just look at this gorgeous knitted Aran Rug I found it is truely
It is by Christien Meindertsma and I want one in green.
You can find
it here.

This is Button the Button man. He was made by my 6 year old Myles on Tuesday, he's cool isn't he. He likes to just hang out a bit.
Til next time.


  1. Glad your meeting was fab!
    oh you'll have to show me how to granny when we have our craft day


  2. Love your granny squares. I am just getting back into crochet (and learning properly) and Pip is so inspiring I have a huge list of projects to do!